DIF on AIR The Biggest Revolution in 3D Printing is Yet to Come

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Alysia Garmulewicz believes we can take inspiration from how nature builds structure, use locally-sourced abundant materials, then 3D-print the products of the future.

Find out more in this featured highlights from DIF 2017.

This is an abbreviated version of an interview that took place on November 20th. Want to watch the conversation in full? Watch it here:


Alysia Garmulewicz

Alysia Garmulewicz

Associate Professor at Universidad de Santiago de Chile Founder and Director of Materiom

Alysia Garmulewicz is an Associate Professor of the Circular Economy at the Facultad de Administración y Economía, Universidad de Santiago de Chile. She is also an Associate Fellow at the CABDyN Complexity Centre, Saïd Business School, at the University of Oxford. Alysia researches digital fabrication and the circular economy, with a particular focus on open data and local material markets for 3D printing. In 2015 Alysia completed her Doctorate from the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, where she studied 3D printing in the commons. Her work incorporated data from Fab Labs and the user community of the Ultimaker 3D printer. Alysia holds a Masters of Philosophy from the Department of Geography, University of Oxford, and a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from Carleton University, Canada

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