DIF Podcast The Future is Circular: Exploring the Transition to a World Without Waste

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Alice Grindhammer is the founder of CRCLR, a circular economy house in Berlin. In the podcast, she will introduce CRCLR and the ideas behind its development, inviting listeners to imagine a more and more circular world - because, as French President Emmanuel Macron recently remarked, there is 'no planet B’.

During the talk, Alice will be sharing some of CRCLR’s findings on their journey towards creating circular solutions, included the intention to expand the CRCLR house, and in the Berlin-based project “Schön wie wir”. Starting the transformation towards a circular way of living, building and being is not just about implementing new designs, it represents a fundamental mindset shift.

For more information about the projects mentioned throughout the podcast, check out the following links:

-Fashionlabel Mimycri:

-Original Unverpackt

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Alice Grindhammer

Alice Grindhammer

CEO and founder of CRCLR

Alice is a “Garbologist” by training: she learned the recycling industry inside and out, and implemented solutions big and small from Germany to Afghanistan. Through this work, Alice became passionate for a circular economy: An economy which would avoid environmental and social externalities from the get go. As co-founder and CEO of CRCLR, Alice is engaged in further developing Berlin’s first circular economy house.


Kevin Caners

Kevin Caners

Founder of The Elephant

Kevin Caners, founder and host of The Elephant, is a longtime radio and podcast producer. He began his career in radio by hosting The Public, a weekly arts and society radio program on CIUT 89.5FM in Toronto. In 2013, Kevin created a special podcast series called Broadcasting Canada which explored the role of public broadcasting in Canada. That program was awarded by iTunes the distinction of “Best New Audio Podcast” for 2013, and was syndicated on more than 30 community radio stations across the country. Born and raised in Canada, Kevin currently is based in Berlin, where he enjoys riding his bike, and navigating local waterways in a fleet of inflatable boats.

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