DIF FIlm The Future of Plastic in the Circular City

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  • Amy Perlmutter, Ravish Majithia

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In this film, explore solutions developed by entrepreneurs and policy makers in the Boston area to move away from a wasteful plastic industry towards more effective and efficient closed loop models.

In particular, it will highlight how closing the loop and increasing reuse and recycling also makes sense from a business perspective.


Amy Perlmutter

Amy Perlmutter

Lead zero waste plan for Boston

Amy Perlmutter has worked in the environmental field for close to 30 years, with the last fourteen focused on the intersection of environmental protection and economic development. Amy is currently leading a group of experts in charge of producing a series of recommendations to move the city’s zero waste strategy forward.

Ravish Majithia

Ravish Majithia

PhD. Founder, Magnomer LLC

Ravish has a Ph.D. in Materials Science with specialization in nanomaterials from Texas A&M University. He also holds an MBA from Babson College.

Magnomer is developing a magnetic coating technology with the potential to transform the plastic packaging industry through better design and improved recycling.

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