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  • Radhika Bynon, Benedict Dellot

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In this DIF Magazine show, our host Nora Clinton, will introduce two live studio guests who are well worth hearing from.

Radhika Bynon is the Director of The Young Foundation, a social innovation centre. She will tell us about what she has experienced in her work across the UK, where she brings people together to hear of their struggles and their solutions.

We will also hear from Benedict Dellot of the RSA. He’s with us to share his latest research into how technology is impacting the future of work, and what that means for all of us.

Pitch your questions to them live as we explore ideas around social innovation, participation, and the impact of emerging technology on the world of work.


Radhika Bynon

Radhika Bynon

Director, The Young Foundation

Radhika is a Director at The Young Foundation, a centre for social innovation based London. She leads the work in communities, working with change makers and innovators to develop solutions to address the challenges that they most care about.

Benedict Dellot

Benedict Dellot

Head of the RSA’s Future Work Centre & Associate Director in the RSA’s Economy team

Benedict Dellot is the Head of the RSA’s Future Work Centre and Associate Director in the RSA’s Economy team. His research explores the changing nature of work and the impact that technology has on our labour market. He is an Adviser to the East End Trades Guild, and sits on the Editorial Board of the Journal of New Technology, Work and Employment.


Nora Clinton

Nora Clinton

Higher Education Network Manager

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