DIF FIlm The Next Generation's Role in Positive Economic Disruption

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  • Sam Butler-Sloss

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What is the role of young people in disruptive innovation?

If we are going to redesign our economy, we need as many people involved in this process as possible. In particular, young people, for whom have always been a key driver of social change. In this session we will hear from a few students on why during a decade of unprecedented disruption, young people must step-up and seize the once-in-a-generation opportunity to redefine our economic system.

We will explore why we must do far more to challenge old orthodoxies, within economics and beyond. This session is brought to you by Economics for Change, a student-run organisation striving for economics to be fit for the 21st century.


Sam Butler-Sloss

Sam Butler-Sloss

President of Economics for Change

Sam is president of Economics for Change, a student-led group striving for economics to be fit for the 21st century. They want to mobilise a new generation of economic thinkers that are ready step-up to the great challenges of our day. And at a time in which the economic orthodoxy is failing to provide compelling answers to these challenges — they want to push for a renewed economics.

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