DIF on AIR The Plastic Sea Challenge: Applying Biomimicry Design Thinking

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  • Laura Stevens, Asha Kiran Singhal, Karen Schneider Brodine
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There are numerous headlines, conversations and initiatives focused on solving the "great plastic problem", but very few have been successful in achieving impact, especially when it comes to the damaging effects of micro plastic pollution.

Join this interactive Google Hangout and be ready to start to discover some of the possibilities to design differently and to use inspiration from nature to solve one of the world's greatest challenges.

This will be a step by step lesson in translating the biological strategies and mechanisms from nature into engineering concepts.


Laura Stevens

Laura Stevens

Design Engineer professor - Biomimicry Educator

Laura Stevens studied Architecture in Delft and is now a PhD student on Biomimicry Education at Delft University of Technology, a Biomimicry student at Arizona State University and an Industrial Design Engineering Educator at The Hague University where she teaches what she learns from the other two. Her talks and workshops are aimed at educating and informing audiences about how to design better products, processes and systems by looking to nature for time-tested solutions. As an learner-educator, she brings multidisciplinary professionals together with students to design biomimetic products.

Asha Kiran Singhal

Asha Kiran Singhal

Open Innovator - Biomimic

Asha is an architect, researcher and Biomimicry consultant whose work focuses on development of innovative technologies at the intersection of Architecture and Biomimetics. Her early fascination with geometries, structures and art in the natural world drew her to architecture paving way for biomimicry. Bridging interests with the world of material sciences she uses a multidisciplinary approach for innovative, sustainable & elegant solutions inspired by nature. Asha is currently working on projects in Canada, Germany and India, while also pursuing her studies at Arizona State University.

Karen Schneider Brodine

Karen Schneider Brodine

Biomimicry Specialist, Design & Management Consultant

Karen is a true nature lover, passionate about sustainable living, healthy ecosystems and continuous learning. She manages environmental enhancement projects and sustainability programs in Northern California, while continuing her studies in the Biomimicry Professional program with Arizona State University and Biomimicry 3.8. With her diverse background in applied science and education, she is focused on biomimicry for sustainable solutions in design and engineering. Karen’s goal is to reshape our human approach to design and systems thinking to be in harmony with the natural world.


Kinge Gardien

Kinge Gardien

DIF Programme Manager

Kinge is the DIF’s Programme Manager which means heading up the DIF team and contributing to and signing off on the comms, digital and editorial work that combines to create the online Festival. Kinge joined the Foundation as a DIF intern and blossomed so much in her role, that she went on to take the reins!

Originally from the Netherlands, Kinge holds a Masters Degree in Strategic Design from Delft University of Technology. Having held a particular interest in the human side of design, she decided to also study Social and Cultural Anthropology.

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