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The Disruptive Innovation Festival is an online festival of ideas that asks the question: what if we could redesign everything? During the DIF, we’ll be asking our speakers to tell us what they think is in store for the future of the economy. While watching you can chip in with your thoughts and questions: sign up for a free My DIF account and ask your question through the discussion forum below the live stream!

The PLATE conference aims to address product lifetimes in the context of sustainability. PLATE2017 brings together over 100 academic researchers with a shared interest in tackling the detrimental effect of our consumption through product longevity. An increase in product lifetimes and a move to a more circular economy are increasingly recognised as essential elements in resource efficiency, waste reduction and low carbon strategies for sustainability.

In a business-as-usual, linear world, creating products that last makes limited economic sense. For product longevity to thrive, we need new business models and new design strategies (and a new economy, of course). What does business-as-unusual look like and how do we design for it? 

In the final session from PLATE2017, this question is answered from various perspectives in order to create a kaleidoscopic and inspiring picture of hope and opportunity.

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Ruud Balkenende

Ruud joined the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft in 2015, as the world’s first Circular Product Design professor. He started his career at Philips Research, where he has been active at the interface of technological innovation and business applications. In the course of 25 years, he dealt with a diverse range of products, usually from a materials and technology perspective.

Emma Dewberry

Emma Dewberry is a Senior Lecturer at the Open University, UK. Her research explores the scope and value of design in creating different journeys and destinations for sustainable futures, and specifically explores the ideas of design ecologies, sustainable production and consumption, design democracy and education for sustainability. 

Nancy Bocken

Nancy is Professor in Sustainable Business Management and Practice at The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University, Sweden.  She is also Associate Professor at Delft University of Technology and Fellow at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Her  main areas of interests around sustainability are: business models; business experimentation; innovation for sustainability; scaling up sustainable businesses; and closing the 'idea-action' gap in sustainability. She co-founded HOMIE, who develop and test circular business models, starting with pay per use home appliances. Before going into academia, Nancy held positions in the logistics, banking and consulting sectors. Originally from the Netherlands, she has lived and worked in France, the UK, the USA and now Sweden. Nancy holds a PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge.

Paul Nieuwenhuis

Dr Paul Nieuwenhuis is co-Director of the Centre for Automotive Industry Research and Electric Vehicle Centre of Excellence at Cardiff University. His main interests have been automotive history and the car’s environmental impact and publications have been in these areas, notably The Green Car Guide (1992) and Sustainable Automobility (2014).

Stella Claxton

Stella is a senior lecturer in the Fashion Management, Marketing and Communication subject area at Nottingham Trent University and teaches aspects of product development, supply chain and sustainable fashion business. She is a member of the NTU Clothing Sustainability Research group and is co-author of a range of publications on sustainable fashion, including reports funded by WRAP and Defra. Stella worked for over 20 years in the fashion industry in creative, technical and senior management roles gained in both retail and manufacturing sectors, with specific expertise in knitwear product.


Walter Stahel

Walter has been founder-director of the Product-Life Institute (Geneva, Switzerland), the oldest established consultancy in Europe devoted to developing sustainable strategies and policies, since 1983. From 1986 to 2014, he was also director of risk management research of the Geneva Association. In 1971, he graduated from ETH Zurich with an MA in architecture; he has been a full member of the Club of Rome since 2013.

Walter has been visiting professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences of the University of Surrey since 2005, as well as the l’Institut EDDEC de Université, HEC et Polytechnique de Montréal in 2016. He was awarded Honorary Doctorate degrees by the University of Surrey (2013) and l’Université de Montréal (2016).

Walter has also written a number of renowned publications, most notably: ‘Jobs for Tomorrow, the Potential for Substituting Manpower for Energy’ (1981) and ‘The Performance Economy’ (2010).

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