DIF on AIR The State of Impact on Blockchain Within Africa's Emerging Markets

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What if we could redesign everything? The answer is to deploy decentralised structures across all industries to give everybody a fair chance at success. Coincentrix Capital works in the academic space to aid awarenesses of the Blockchain ecosystem. Since 2017, it has expanded to design proof of concepts utilising the 2018 buzzword of the year - blockchain - in healthcare, aviation and finance to create value to aid a $200bn+ ecosystem.

Join this session to hear more about how digital cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies could be (and are being) adopted in the African region, including examples of impact projects in action today.


Pascal Ntsama

Pascal Ntsama

COO of Coincentrix

Pascal is a certified bitcoin professional & COO of Coincentrix Capital, overseeing all four business divisions of the company. Coincentrix focuses on the education of digital cryptocurrencies and development of the Blockchain ecosystem. November 20th, 2017 The Zcash Foundation provided Coincentrix with an outreach grant to provide opportunities to expand educational efforts among university students by informing them on the fundamentals of blockchain and privacy driven innovations.


Laura Franco Henao

Laura Franco Henao

DIF Intern

Laura is ½ of the DIF intern team. Laura has an academic background in Economics and International Development and she has done her masters research on how the Circular Economy can help address environmental and social challenges in the Uruguayan context. In addition, she has worked at the University of Sussex in the project: Understanding the Circular Economy-Entrepreneurial motivations, business and consultancy practices.

Laura has received several scholarships and awards for her academic results. She loves languages, sports and most of all, travelling and discovering new places and stories.

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