DIF on AIR Transforming the Sachet Economy to a Circular Economy

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  • Mark Meilly, Angela Chen

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Sachet packaging gives low-income communities in developing countries access to high-quality products – but what about the waste? A 2014 Guardian article asks the question that is still left unanswered today whilst global momentum around ocean plastics have renewed interests in exploring viable alternatives for sachets which are small-format products in single-use plastics purchased by emerging markets consumers for everything from shampoo to coffee due to their affordability and convenience. Join this interview with Mark Meily, multi-awarded film director and design innovator in the Philippines on consumer behaviour research and alternative models that reduces plastic waste in the sachet economy.


Mark Meilly

Mark Meilly

Mark Meily is an award-winning filmmaker. He studied film in Paris as a French Government Scholar. Crying Ladies, his first film was the Philippines official entry to the 2004 Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film category.

He is the co-founder of KindMind, an experience design lab that trains organisations in Experience Design, Sustainability, and Circular Economy. He is also currently, the Dean of School of Design at iAcademy in Manila.

Angela Chen

Angela Chen

Research fellow, Akipeo

Angela Chen is Research Fellow at Akipeo where she focuses on investment research on emerging market opportunities in circular economy. Previously Angela worked across capital markets and philanthropy to shape how conservation is funded, to decouple food production from environmental degradation, and to develop investor tools to change cost of capital for sustainability. Angela is a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum.


Sara Wingstrand

Sara Wingstrand

Research Analyst, New Plastics Economy

As a Research Analyst within the New Plastics Economy team, Sara supports and facilitates the cross value chain dialogue and collaboration that explores ways for the industry to transition to a circular economy for plastics. Prior to joining the Ellen MacArthur foundation in March 2018, Sara obtained her PhD in Polymer Physics at the Technical University of Denmark. Here she worked on connecting the micro-structure of solid and liquid polymers to their macroscopic mechanical properties. She has a background in Chemical and Biochemical engineering and has studied Denmark, Zürich, Canada and Belgium.

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