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How is it that our best intentions continue to go awry, making the current situation worse or creating new problems that need to be addressed in the future?

As we attempt to develop understanding more often than not we end up believing we have an understanding and then endeavour to convince or sell that understanding to others, typically with rather dismal results. On the other hand, if we endeavour to surface and integrate the understanding from multiple people into an integrated story, the participants own the story and there are usually multiple aha! moments along the way creating a far deeper understanding.

What if we could create enduring solutions which actually address the situation at hand and not create new problems in the process?

Join Gene Bellinger in a session that explores the way we think and act.

If you would like to follow the 'Storytelling for Understanding' model yourself - click here.

Explore "Storytelling with Kumu" and "Storytelling with Insight Maker", to learn why storytelling is critical for enabling others to understand relationship models once they're developed.

This is an abbreviated version of an interview that took place on November 7th. Want to watch the conversation in full? Watch it here:


Gene Bellinger

Gene Bellinger


A developer of stories of relationships and their implications, to provoke thought, foster deeper understanding, create insights and enable more effective action.


Leo Nutter

Leo Nutter

Learning Innovation Coordinator

Leo has a background in Environmental Science, and has been with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as Learning Innovation Coordinator for over 2 years. In this his 3rd Disruptive Innovation Festival, Leo is overseeing global university engagement and the collection of key performance metrics.

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