DIF on AIR ClearRoad: Unlocking the Value of Our Roads

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  • Paul Salama

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This session is part of DIF x CE100 Startup Day. A day devoted to showcasing startups and their role in disrupting the market and enabling a shift towards a circular economy.

Our roads are chronically underfunded, and traffic is a mess - ClearRoad is ensuring long-term funding for transportation systems through a new type of road micro-tolling that's deployed quickly and efficiently. Leveraging data from the connected technologies already on board vehicles, rather than traditional and expensive physical tolling infrastructure, means that ClearRoad is able to implement micro-tolling, charging drivers for their actual use of and impact on the road.

ClearRoad is currently live in two states, with drivers paying by the mile, and already operating on more miles of highway than the entire U.S. tolling industry. Although in the early stages of this technology, ClearRoad is beginning to see the full potential by applying their technology for solving transportation problems such as congestion pricing, managing taxis and Ubers, and optimising autonomous vehicles.


Paul Salama

Paul Salama


Paul is COO at ClearRoad, a firm devoted to funding the infrastructure for the future of mobility. His work focuses on the intersection of urban planning and technology. This builds off of Paul’s wide-ranging career, spanning stints in real estate tech, architecture + planning, big data consulting, land use research, people-scaled transportation advocacy, and as a professor for NYU's Clean Energy Diploma. Paul is an experienced developer and promoter of urban mobility solutions, connecting startups with government and shepherding product development.

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