DIF on AIR UnSchool's Creative Change Makers - Session 2/3

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  • Abhinav Dey, Neha Rao, Bao Yen, Emma Segal

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Join the UnSchool for three engaging and compelling sessions featuring alumni and collaborators from around the world.

Across three sessions, UnSchool's incredible alumni and collaborators will share their stories of creative sustainability from Peru to Tunisia, India to Cape Town and from Lebanon to Bolivia and more.

Hear inspiring stories of rebellious change making from a diverse group of emerging leaders. The UnSchool community of alumni comes from over 40 countries around the world and these 11 different people offer international and interconnected perspectives of the possibilities for positive change.

Watch our weekly sessions throughout the DIF to hear how they have activated change in their own communities and the world at large through creative, positively disruptive interventions.


Abhinav Dey

Abhinav Dey

Founder, Freedesign

Abhinav is a maker at heart. He has been running a sustainable livelihoods design enterprise since 2016, Freedesign, working in rural areas across 5 states in India. His design-thinking initiatives include creating and running rural makerspaces, co-creating assistive devices with differently abled, designing water conserving farming methods and designing handicrafts products with vegetables. He has been supported by India Inclusion Foundation, Plus Trust Foundation, International Development Innovation Network, Fab Lab Network, Red Cross (Geneva).

Neha Rao

Neha Rao

Sustainable textile designer, SOOT

Neha is a sustainable textile designer, currently based in Mumbai and working in the fashion industry. The firsthand experience in the second largest polluting industry made her more passionate about becoming an active change agent. She started researching more about sustainability, particularly the impact of textile techniques on the environment, materials, social and cultural impact also the effect on human behaviour. The basic goal is to bring a concrete shift in perspective. The creative outcome of this research was the project 'SOOT'.

Bao Yen

Bao Yen

Flight Attendant

Bao is on a mission to mitigate the damage of single use plastic on our planet. As a flight attendant for a major international airline, Bao was alarmed at the magnitude of inflight waste generation, and launched a successful initiative with the airline to engage cabin crew members to fly greener and raise public awareness about inflight recycling. Bao is now creating an empowerment through knowledge platform, so the comforts, convenience and efficiencies of air travel will become more environmentally sound and sustainable.

Emma Segal

Emma Segal

Creativity, Positive Disruption & Facilitator

Creative change-maker Emma Segal brings over two decades of experience designing and producing local and international manufactured consumer goods. She has a wealth of experience in sustainability, design and systems change that she brings to our dynamic creative approach to challenging the status quo by design. With formal training in international relations, design and illustration, she has a deep breadth of work from creating multi-million dollar programs for multi-national organisations to bootstrapped entrepreneurs. She works extensively in all aspects of design, as well as facilitating workshops around the world as an UnSchool Educator in sustainability, design and systems thinking.


Emily Scadgell

Emily Scadgell

Communications Coordinator

Emily is the communications manager for the DIF, her role involves posting key calls to action throughout the year on the DIF’s website, social media and more. She is also responsible for the development and delivery of communications for the wider learning team at the Foundation covering Higher Education, Schools and Colleges, online courses and The Circular Design Guide.

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