DIF on AIR Valladolid: An Emerging Circular City in Spain

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  • Beatriz Quintana Vega, Jesús Gómez Pérez

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How do you introduce the circular economy into a city for the first time? In the Spanish city of Valladolid, there's an opportunity to look at what it means to be at the start of that journey.

Join this DIF-on-Air to learn more about the city's circular economy strategy, which is being driven by many actors, including companies, local government and at a grassroots level with citizens.

The speakers will go from a general overview of the circular economy in Spain on to suggest that the story of redesigning Valladolid with a circular approach sits within a wider dynamic of the national circular economy transition.


Beatriz Quintana Vega

Beatriz Quintana Vega

CEO in Be Circular, speaker and trainer.

CEO in the company Be Circular, Valladolid (Spain) whose mission is to accompany leaders, companies, entrepreneurs, institutions and public administration in the generation of circular thinking with solutions adapted to the environment.

We prepare citizens to be leaders in circular economy, adapting new knowlodge to the emerging economic while creating more employment opportunities.

Her driven vision is to contribute, inspire and promote the shift from a linear culture into a circular culture. She believes that circular economy starts in the mind.

Jesús Gómez Pérez

Jesús Gómez Pérez

Managing Director of the Agency for Innovation and Economic Development of Valladolid City Council

He is an expert in identifying and promoting international businesses, supporting foreign technology companies throughout the process of investing in Spain, deep understanding of the underlying technologies, investment assessment and guidance through the administrative procedures.

More than fifteen years of experience in several countries, and with different responsibilities, have led him to focus on the management and coordination of multidisciplinary teams, highly qualified and highly motivated.


Laura Franco Henao

Laura Franco Henao

DIF Intern

Laura is ½ of the DIF intern team. Laura has an academic background in Economics and International Development and she has done her masters research on how the Circular Economy can help address environmental and social challenges in the Uruguayan context. In addition, she has worked at the University of Sussex in the project: Understanding the Circular Economy-Entrepreneurial motivations, business and consultancy practices.

Laura has received several scholarships and awards for her academic results. She loves languages, sports and most of all, travelling and discovering new places and stories.

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