DIF FIlm What Do Kids Think About the Circular Economy?

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  • Rieta Aliredjo

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The popularity of the term circular economy keeps on growing. More governments and businesses are considering both the necessity for a circular economy as well as the opportunities it provides. All for a better future. A future for the next generation.

The next generation is already amongst us: the children that are going to school now and are hardly involved in this transition that will affect them most.

This short film explores what kids know about the circular economy, if they feel they are involved and can have an impact and how we can best help them prepare for a better future.


Rieta Aliredjo

Rieta Aliredjo

Founder and Chair of the Board Stars Are Circular Foundation

Everything is energy. To what purpose we use our own energy is perhaps one of the most important questions in life. I’ve decided to work on social ventures and collaborations that benefit people, planet and our collective prosperity. Rieta is a social entrepreneur and founder of the Stars Are Circular Foundation. The Stars Are Circular Foundation provides kids and families with the information and tools needed to develop into conscious, innovative and collaborative participants in a circular economy through the enhancement of social, creative and entrepreneurial skills.

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