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A circular economy is not a new idea, rather it is a term that has gone from relative obscurity only five years ago, to one which any serious CEO now has on their radar. Understanding the concept is one thing; implementing a framework which requires whole systems change is quite another. Join us in this DIF Live Show to discuss both the concept and how businesses and governments have begun to take it on.


Ken Webster

Ken Webster

Leading author, teaching and thinker

Ken Webster is a leading author, teacher and thinker when it comes to the circular economy.

Ella Jasmin

Ella Jasmin

Assistant professor in Design for Sustainability, TU Delft

Ella Jamsin is an assistant professor in Design for Sustainability.

Ella's research stems from the observation that most sustainability issues are intertwined within complex social systems: e.g. the success of a sustainable innovation depends on how widely it is adopted; circular business models require new business relationships; mental health is affected by the quality of social networks. Ella investigates the approaches by which designers can effectively model and embrace this social complexity, using for example computational models and technological tools.

Before joining the TU Delft, Ella worked about 2 years as a management consultant for McKinsey & Company and 5 years as a research lead for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to the transition to a circular economy. She originally studied theoretical physics: her PhD thesis explored the hidden symmetries of black holes in higher-dimensional universes.

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