DIF on AIR What If Blockchain Could Redesign Work?

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  • Marco Torregrossa, Andrew Spence

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Blockchain has inherent features that could build the next generation of work platforms to be more efficient, secure and lead to a higher quality of freelance work. But can blockchain also help redesign a value proposition for platforms, distribute fair rewards to freelancers and ultimately enable good work?

The session will start with a short introduction to blockchain, and its opportunities in HR and the platform economy. It will address the potential application of blockchain, smart contracts and crypto incentives for the benefit of platform operators, HR practitioners, freelancers and their customers.

Online viewers can ask questions and engage in the discussion using the hashtag #NewWorkPlatforms


Marco Torregrossa

Marco Torregrossa

Gig Economy and Platforms Expert

Marco is a workforce and labour markets advisor. He helps organisations prepare for how work will be delivered in the future and build better workplaces. Marco writes, speaks, consults and evangelises about the freelance revolution - always thriving at the intersections of policy, HR and technology.

Andrew Spence

Andrew Spence

Blockchain and HR Expert

Andrew is an experienced management consultant specialising in the design and implementation of new HR operating models to deliver business goals. He has worked on over 20 complex transformation programmes with organisations including; BP, John Lewis Partnership, Novartis, United Health Group and UK NHS Trusts.


Laura Franco Henao

Laura Franco Henao

DIF Intern

Laura is ½ of the DIF intern team. Laura has an academic background in Economics and International Development and she has done her masters research on how the Circular Economy can help address environmental and social challenges in the Uruguayan context. In addition, she has worked at the University of Sussex in the project: Understanding the Circular Economy-Entrepreneurial motivations, business and consultancy practices.

Laura has received several scholarships and awards for her academic results. She loves languages, sports and most of all, travelling and discovering new places and stories.

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