DIF on AIR Why New Funding Models Are Key to the Circular Economy

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  • Arpit Bhutani, Apoorva Arya

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Many organisations are working towards accelerating the transition towards a circular economy globally. The transition has many opportunities, but also many roadblocks. A major one is ensuring access to finance for circular economy innovations at different growth phases, especially at the nascent stage, when innovations are tested and tried for the first time.

As per the European Investment Bank, if we only rely on market forces to create a circular economy, the transition will be slow coupled with high opportunity costs. Therefore, an intervention is required to accelerate the transition with the creation of funding mechanisms that are available at all stages of innovations, especially pre-seed ventures.

This conversation will focus on the need for these funding mechanisms, possible ways to achieve them through technology and the hurdles and opportunities for the same.


Arpit Bhutani

Arpit Bhutani

Co-founder Circular Innovation Lab

Arpit is the co-founder of the Circular Innovation Lab and is also associated with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, for the past two years and represented in them in various Indian and international meetings and forums. Furthermore, Arpit has also extensively worked with United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Geneva, United Nations Forum on Sustainability Standards, International Institute for Sustainable Development, and several other international organisations. He is a Huff Post contributor and has recently given India's first Tedx talk on Circular Economy. He is also a partner at a 50 year old food processing company, Hind Agro Sales, and is the third generation, to have taken command of the operations.

Apoorva Arya

Apoorva Arya

Co-founder and CEO at Circular Innovation Lab

Apoorva is the co-founder and CEO at the Circular Innovation Lab, an organisation that is developing a framework to foster global investments in circular economy innovations.She has more than 5 years of work experience in the domain of risk consulting, public policy and circular economy with international organisations, consulting firms and economic think tanks. Apoorva has been associated with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as the India Coordinator, and was instrumental in launching the Circular economy report in India and introducing the New Plastics Economy Initiative of the foundation by mobilising different stakeholders from the Indian policymakers, global corporates and media, among others.

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