DIF FIlm Why You Should Actually Care About the Future of Work

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The world of work is changing.

But why are we dedicating so much time and energy to discussing the future of work? It’s not the first time society and the economy has undergone such a major shift.

Even though artificial intelligence, automation and gig work are disrupting some job markets, technological change has happened before. In fact, it’s happening all the time.

So where do these conversations originate from - who cares, and who should care?

And perhaps more importantly, who is deciding and shaping the future of work?

In curating his newsletter Exponential View, Azeem Azhar reckons he’s read up to 60 million words on the societal implications of technology. This makes him the ideal person to accompany us on a deep exploration of the changing world of employment. We met Azeem in London to talk jobs, art, and technology, turning our gaze to the past as we try and make sense of the present and future.


​Azeem Azhar

​Azeem Azhar

Senior Adviser to the CTO of Accenture & Curator of the Exponential View

Azeem Azhar is a strategist, analyst, product entrepreneur, influencer and writer with a passion for all things technological. Azeem is also a Senior Adviser of Artificial Intelligence to the CTO of Accenture. Azeem runs the very popular newsletter on the societal implications of technology called Exponential View which has garnered more than 24k subscribers including investors, academics, and journalists around the world. Up to recently Azeem was also the Vice President at the global media company Schibsted Media Group.


Joe Iles

Joe Iles

Editor in Chief, Circulate

Joe is wonderful with words and helps us draft up our communications messaging for the DIF. He’s also a regular host at the Festival and coordinated the live stream for the 2018 Summit X DIF.

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