DIF Podcast Will Closing the Loop Close the Waste Industry ?

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More companies are moving to circular business models and attempting to close the loops on their products. But what does this mean for the waste industry? In this series of podcasts Dsposal and Tech For Good Live interview experts to try and find out if the waste industry is in peril or will it be business as usual?

In this series of Podcasts, guests such as Ken Webster (Ellen MacArthur Foundation) and Professor Amir Sharif (University of Bradford) will be interviewed around the theory and concepts of the Circular Economy, especially with regards to extended producer responsibility (EPR) and the idea of no zero burden. We’ll then take a dive into the real-world applications and effects with guests like Amanda Reid (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Anthony Sant (AO.com) about what this means for new business models and the waste industry.


Tom Passmore

Tom Passmore

Co-Founder, Dsposal

Tom has a love of tech, a passion for the waste and resources industry and is a self-confessed waste-data geek. A reluctant entrepreneur with a huge drive to solve problems and try to leave the world a bit better than he found it, Tom came up with the idea for Dsposal whilst on a 9-month cycle tour around North America. He prefers the intellectual challenges and security found in an office job over the freedom of a traveller’s life, but he still thinks that commuting by bike is the best.

Rebecca Rae-Evans

Rebecca Rae-Evans

Co-Founder of ‘Tech for Good Live’ and Consultant at UX agency, Sigma

Having spent over a decade working with international clients on award-winning digital projects, Rebecca now specialises in the use of technology for social good. A firm believer in the need for responsible product design, Rebecca champions tech ethics and accountability within the digital industry.

Rebecca co-founded and hosts the podcast Tech for Good Live and works with non-profit clients at digital UX agency, Sigma.

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