• What is the DIF?

    The Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) is an online platform which aims to shift mindsets and inspire action towards a circular economy. It invites people to share disruptive ideas and stories on a number of topics and attracts a worldwide audience, sparking critical conversations and participation through a combination of live interviews, films, and podcasts.

  • Where is the DIF taking place?

    The DIF is an online festival, so all sessions take place at thinkdif.co. They are globally accessible and you can join the DIF from wherever you are. The individual page for each session will tell you how and when to join - sometimes it is as simple as pressing 'play'. You will be able to join on any device: your computer, tablet or smartphone.

    If you sign up for a My DIF account, you can 'star' your favourite sessions or add all the sessions you’d like to see to your own calendar.

  • I have tried to sign up but I didn’t receive a verification email. What should I do?

    The email will have been sent straightaway, there shouldn't be a delay and the top culprit is normally your spam folder. Look for an email from ThinkDIF 'no-reply@ellenmacarthurfoundation.org'.

    If you still can't find it please contact the DIF team via the email address at the bottom of this page and we'll get back to you ASAP.

  • Can I apply to be a speaker for more than one session?

    Yes, please contact the DIF team via the email address at the bottom of this page.

  • Can I screen DIF sessions for lots people to watch at my organisation?

    Absolutely, we want to share the sessions and ideas discussed at the DIF with as many people as possible, so go for it! While you're there, why not share some of the buzz from your screening on Twitter or Instagram, using #thinkdif so other attendees around the world can see how you're getting involved?

  • Can I watch sessions after their scheduled time?

    All DIF sessions are available during the period of the DIF itself. If you want to enjoy the videos after the DIF, have a look at our youtube account.

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