21st Century Economics

21st Century Economics
1/3 DIF 2017 themes: #21stCenturyEconomics

Growth has stalled, inequality is rife, while environmental and economic issues persist globally. The emergence of movements like Brexit and Trump, and the equally emotive reaction against them, highlight the widening divisions within societies, as well as disaffection with the status quo.

It’s not quite the future we were promised, but can we do something about it? An increasing array of new approaches and new ways of thinking are gaining traction and seek to tell a story of prosperity fit for the 21st century. Spread across various disciplines and contexts, we’ll show how these ideas are linked, and together potentially make it possible to envision a more secure, participatory and regenerative economy as a challenge to the dogmatic, inaccessible and linear economics of today.

Age Of Automation

Age Of Automation
2/3 DIF 2017 themes: #AgeOfAutomation

In recent years, Google's autonomous cars have logged thousands of miles on US highways, and the same company’s Artificial Intelligence programme trounced the best human Go players. Artificial Intelligence (AI) could help us diagnose diseases more accurately, grow more food, and generate more energy than we consume. Ultimately, AI could replace tasks once considered uniquely human.   

Throughout the DIF we will hear from experts working in AI. We will ask them to spell out for us what role and value they think automation can bring to the economy, society and the world.

Future Of Design

3/3 DIF 2016 themes: #FutureOfDesign

Design has changed forever. Rather than just creating a single product for a single customer, designers of today have a new challenge: to create better systems adapted to a world of connected citizens, unpredictability and digital disruption.

We’ll be speaking with the people at the bleeding edge of the 21st century’s most influential technologies including quantum computing, synthetic biology and advanced materials, to find out how this approach to design could unlock a new era of wellbeing and prosperity.