Dif - Disruptive innovation festival 2017

Dif - Disruptive innovation festival 2017

The online festival of ideas that asks: what if we could redesign everything? Thanks to everyone who took part in DIF 2017! Explore the best sessions below.

Best Playlists of the DIF 2017

Five Things Every Designer Should Know

The latest insights on the future of design.

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Bringing Economics Into the 21st Century

A new paradigm for economics and business is emerging. One that rejects the neo-classical economics that is taught in schools and enacted by our politicians.

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Redesigning Cities

What does prosperity look like when 60% of the world's population lives in cities?

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  • “The Disruptive Innovation Festival is about learning… it’s about dipping in and out of new ideas, it’s about broadening your mind.”

    Dame Ellen MacArthur Founder and Chair of Trustees, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

  • “We are all going to experience, being here, what it is to think big about systems, what it is to truly blow up our ideas of what is possible.”

    Jacob Ward Al Jazeera science and technology correspondent

  • “Information wants to be free… it is more fundamentally a shareable good, than it is a commercialisable good." 

    Paul Mason Writer, broadcaster and film-maker

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