What if we could redesign everything?
The world's largest online festival of ideas. The live phase of DIF 2018 has come to a close, but all sessions are available to watch until 20th January 2019.

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Five Things Every Designer Should Know

Designers embody an important role in the transition to a circular economy. These sessions highlight the importance of design and suggest avenues for the future.

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Redesigning Fashion

Clothes are an everyday necessity, and for many an important aspect of self-expression. Yet, the way clothes are made and used today is extremely wasteful and polluting. How could we redesign the fashion industry to make it fit for the 21st century?

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10 Recommendations from the DIF Team

The DIF team organises and hosts all DIF sessions. They should know the content, right? Here are the top picks from our 2018 DIF interns - Laura and Bledar.

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Top Films

Here's a selection of our favourite high quality video productions from DIF 2018.

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The Business of Blockchain

Here is a selection of sessions all about the topic of Blockchain. From how it can impact our work, to how it can reduce fashion pollution...

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Exploring Cities in Transition

How are cities around the world benefiting from a circular economy transition? These sessions aim to shed light on this question.

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Quick Watch: Sessions Under 12 Minutes

If you're short on time and looking for something short and sweet to watch - then you're in the right place! From Brazilian Favelas to Clothes that Grow - there's something to suit everyone.

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Top Podcasts

Here's a selection of our favourite professional quality podcasts or series of podcasts from DIF 2018.

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Circular Visions Around The Globe

The bigger picture sessions, taking into account the national climate on circular economy, its possibilities and next steps - the circular revolution is ongoing!

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The Future of Food

Our food system is wasteful, nature degrading and hundreds of millions go to bed hungry or get sick through poor diet. How can we shift the system onto a healthier path that will provide future food security? Watch these sessions to gain different perspectives on the matter.

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Industry Focused

A series of films focusing on different industries and the implications of a circular economy transition.

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Headliner Sessions

Our DIF Headliners this year included: Areti Markopoulou, Michel Bauwens, Azeem Azhar, Hamilton Henrique, William McDonough and Zoe Laughlin.

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  • "It's fantastic that players of People's Postcode Lottery are supporting an innovative event that inspires its participants to think about how they can contribute towards a circular economy."

    Will Humpington Climate Change and Environmental Programmes Advisor at People’s Postcode Lottery

  • “It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn from and engage directly with thought-provoking innovators around the world”

    Greta Matos Quila Quina Consulting, Chile

  • “Extremely well organised and presented. No need to get on a plane to attend. And it’s free!”

    Karen Ellis Mend It, Australia