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Concerned about the current state of the clothing industry and frustrated by how quickly his two-year old nephew outgrew garments, Ryan Mario Yasin decided to use his background in aeronautical engineering to push innovation in childrenswear for social and environmental benefit.

Ryan's innovation is Petit Pli, a range of clothing that can grow. Current designs use patent-pending technology and fit children between 9 months to 4 years .

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Ryan Mario Yasin

Ryan Mario Yasin

CEO & Inventor

Ryan is CEO & Inventor of Petit Pli. A childrenswear brand which creates clothes that grow with children. Ryan created the technology used in all of Petit Pli’s garments during his studies at Imperial College London and Royal College of Art. Upon graduating from his Master’s in Global Innovation Design Ryan decided to turn his student project into a business. Ryan created Petit Pli using Human Centred Design methods and applying his knowledge of origami structures and deployable satellite panels which he gained during his undergraduate degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

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